Population Health Management Summer School

Population Health Management Summer School
LUMC - Boerhaave Nascholing
Population Health Management Summer School Fundamentals
An ageing population, rising healthcare costs and technical developments in the medical sector. Do you want to know the best way of dealing with current issues in healthcare?
Then join the Summer School Population Health Management at the LUMC Campus The Hague from the 4th until the 8th of July 2022.

An introduction to Population Health Management
Are you curious about the principles and approach of Population Health Management? Do you want to become an change agent to support the development of a more integrated health care system? And do you have an open attitude towards a new paradigm for health care? Then this Summer School is a good introduction in working with the central theme: the population needs.

After this Summer School you can follow other courses that focus more specifically on components of Population Health Management.

Research, education and patient care
The Population Health Management theme has been implemented in the Hague area by the LUMC Campus The Hague for quite some time now. There are several ongoing projects in the field of research, education and patient care. Interested in knowing more? You can find more details on the project pages of the LUMC Campus The Hague.

Massive Open Online Course
New part of the Summer School is the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Population Health Management. This online course starts every six weeks on Coursera. You will be asked to attend the MOOC as part of the on-campus Summer School.

Target group
The Summer School on Population Health is meant for:

  • Health care professionals
  • General practioners
  • Care and welfare managers
  • Staff members
  • PhD fellows in Health and Healthcare related science,
  • MD specialist trainees in primary, elderly and secondary care and Public Health
  • Master students